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Cabañas y Cabalgatas Don Pepe

Cabins and Cabalgatas Don Pepe, is 400 meters from the Termas de Quinamávida. To 1 km you will find the town of Quinamávida where different types of handicrafts are produced by hand in wool of sheep, onyx stone and tufa stone.


At 8 Kilometers from the cabins is the town of Panimávida where every January 20 is celebrated the feast of San Sebastián. From there, 2 kilometers, towards the hills, is Rari locality declared as "Artisan Town of the World" by the World Council of Handicrafts, who recognized the work done by men and women, who make pieces with horsehair.


In the surroundings, you will also find other tourist attractions such as Balneario Machicura, Embalse Bullileo, Embalse Colbún, Huerta de Maule, Sector Cordillerano El Melado, Sector Precordillerano Los Rabones, Termas de Catillo, Yerbas Buenas, Villa Alegre, among others.

don pepe
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